Saturday, April 14, 2012

Uncle Matt's Last Flight

Waiting for them to land
LOVE this picture! Go Uncle Matt

Spray time (by his wife)

My uncle Matt has flown F-16's for many many years (25+ years). He absolutely loves it and had been putting off a promotion at the guard so he could keep flying. Unfortunately age gets the best of you and it was time for him to quit. It was a huge celebration at the guard on a cold December day! Rylan and I went while Casey stayed home with Alex (those planes are too loud for a little one). It was so great to celebrate his last flight with him. After the flight it's tradition to get sprayed down by your spouse and Uncle Matt took it like a champ even with the very cold weather. After the party at the base was over we picked up Casey and Alex and headed to their house for more celebrating! So proud of you Uncle Matt. I personally don't think there is anything cooler then those planes, what a rush to fly in one of those! They are SO cool. Oh and Rylan thinks Uncle Matt is pretty awesome because he flies planes:) Super cute.

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