Friday, April 16, 2010

Rylan - 17 months

I have been horrible about updating this blog!!! Here is Rylan at 17 months, he is becoming a little boy. We have had our fair share of sicknesses this last month. The latest has been strep, first Casey had it and now Rylan has it. When we took Ry to the doctor he weighed over 27 lbs., he sure is getting big. I swear he has grown 3 inches since Christmas. We have his 18 month check up at the end of the month so I will update his stats then. Here are a few pictures of our little handful.
Rylan is obsessed with balls.
Gymnastic Center
Eating chocolate and strawberries

Baby in a beer box
Rylan talking to himself in the mirror.


Casey went on another work trip, this time to London. He has been to Paris, Poland and now London in the last year. He has a pretty cool job that is going to show him the world. Of the 3 places he has been overseas, London was his favorite place. He only had around 30 hours to see the city but he sure did see alot and had a great experience. Here are a few pictures...
Thankfully he came back with pictures from this trip. When he went to Poland he came back with pictures of his hotel room. Funny guy he thinks he is!