Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kisses from Rylan

We had our kids close in age so they had a relationship, it's been very hard to have such young kids that are so close in age but as they get older... it's pretty cool. They interact so well together
(most of the time) and Rylan is a great big brother. He is very concerned about Alex, making sure she has her blanket, her food and drink and her babies. He let's her run his life:) Anything she wants he usually gives in to her and gives it to her. He hates to see her cry so he will do anything to make her stop. So in other words, Alex runs this house! Yes at only 17 months old she truly runs this house. I always thought Rylan was determined... until I met Alex. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it!!!

Story from last week:

I picked up the kids from school and Alex was crying, so I told Rylan to talk to her and tell her his name. He says "I'm Rylan Cody" and then I said tell her her name and he says "Your Snooks" and I said, no tell her her real name and he says "Your Snooks Cody"... Hilarious, I laughed so hard on that one. I think he forgets her name is Alex as he honestly calls her Snookie/Snooks all the time. Pretty cute when it's from him!

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