Thursday, July 29, 2010


Casey, Rylan and I went to Yellowstone a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful place and we enjoyed our time there. Here are a few pictures from our trip. Moose and baby moose
Grizzly bear

Yellowstone Lake - Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Old Faithful
Casey & Rylan planning out our adventure
Ry & Casey enjoying the views...

It's A Girl

The day we found out what we were having we had family over to share the big news. It was so fun to tell people in person and see their expression. My cousin who is in culinary school made the cake for the big announcement. The cake was delicious!!! Of course the best excitement came from my mother who screamed "it's a girl" and broke down in tears - she is pretty excited for me to have a daughter. That moment was priceless, just wish I had it on video. I'll never forget it.

New Addition

We are having baby #2 :) Casey and I are expecting a little girl November 16th, 2010. I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant. I was very surprised to find out it was a girl as I figured I would have all boys. Having a daughter has always been one of my dreams and i'm so happy that it's going to happen (not that I would have been happy with all boys!) I'm also equally excited for Casey to have a daughter - now he will really have a soft heart. The kids will be almost exactly 2 years apart. So what i've heard, life is really going to change with 2 kids.