Thursday, May 26, 2011

Penguin Room

Rylan has switched rooms at school and is now in the Penguin room. He is much happier about going to school. This room has 2.5 to 4 year olds, therefore Rylan is the youngest one right now. In this room they go on field trips every week and on his first week they went to the Butterfly House. I heard he did a great job listening and following the rules and was really excited. Rylan is getting so big! Love you tons little buddy...

Ear Infections

Alex's ear infections are finally GONE!!! I wish I would have known this sooner. Here is the story:

April 15th - took Alex to the doctor and she had 2 ear infections, got on our 1st antibiotic

April 22nd - Back to the doctor, still had 2 ear infections, went on our 2nd antibiotic

May 9th - Acute Care, 1 ear infection, 3rd antibiotic (Augmenton)

May 10th - Alex was extremely sick from the antibiotic, throwing up and everything else. Had to stop the antibiotic. Started hearing about Chiropractors and their ability to help get rid of ear infections.

May 11th - Alex's first adjustment

May 12th - Alex already seems better, starts talking and eating again

May 13th - Alex's second adjustment

May 14th - Alex seems back to normal completely.

May 23rd - Doctor confirms she does NOT have an ear infection. Therefore it went away with NO drugs. I wish I would have known this earlier, going through the drugs is not fun. Having her get an adjustment is no big deal ... no crying at all. Therefore, when an ear infection comes back we will be running straight to the Chiropractor and not the pharmacy:)

Alex - 6 months

Alex is 6 months old, I can't believe she has been with us for 1/2 year. Unbelievable how fast time has gone with her. So now it's time to start feeding her rice cereal and vegetables. The first time I fed her she would spit it right back out and then after a few times she realized how yummy it was and has loved it ever since. She gets really excited for it now. I also took her to the doctor for her 6 month check up. Her stats:

27.5 inch ( 2 ft 3.5 inches) 96.37%

18lbs 9 ox 91.32%

Head = 17.72 97.04%

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Airbase Tour

We went on an Airbase Tour last night and it was AWESOME! My cousin is in the Air Guard and was able to take us on base and watch the fighter jets take off. Rylan loves airplanes more then anything so it was very exciting. We were able to go out on the runway and were 50 yards from the planes as they took off. Rylan had a great time.Excitement after the planes took off
Loving it - so loud!!!
Here is one of the six planes we got to watch take off
See the flames come out the back of the flame... Awesome!

Waving to the planes (its the same run way as the airport)
Can you tell he was excited?

Danny and Rylan

Sitting in the pilots chair with daddy

Inside the Cockpit - not much room in there.

My cousin's plane he maintains... Until he becomes a pilot.
Fighter jets ready to go out

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ab workout!

Alex will do this for about a minute. She is trying so hard to sit up. I could never imagine being able to do this with my neck and feet up in the air. She does this everytime you put her down. I had to get a picture of it, cracks me up.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shayna and Alex

Shayna is Alex's cousin (Cory's oldest daughter). She is also Alex's godmother. Shayna is so good with Alex and loves her to pieces... So cute!

Welcome Home Cory

Alex did not like the clapping and yelling - we spent our time in the hallway!!!
Before the ceremonyCory meeting Alex for the first time

Casey's older brother Cory was across seas for a year and just returned this month. We are so happy to have him home safe!!! There was a ceremony here in Sioux Falls that the entire family went to. Before the ceremony we were able to see Cory and that was when he got to hold Rylan again and also meet Alex for the first time. It was very exciting! Thanks Cory for everything you do - glad to have you home!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sitting by herself...

Alex has been working on sitting for the last few weeks and she officially has it down. She can sit all by herself without any support:) She loves to play with toys and grabs anything around her.

We seem to not be able to get over her ear infections however. Last night I took her back to Acute Care and she still has one ear infection, thankfully not both anymore. We are on our third dose of antibiotics and the doctor said this one will definitely do the trick. I really hope it does as I would hate to have to get tubes in her ears. I'm ready to have a healthy little girl, this has lasted way too long! Alex is still in good spirits, you would never even know she has an ear infection or not feeling well. She is still a happy girl.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moving Rooms

Can you see the makeup on his face?

Rylan will be moving rooms within a month at daycare. He will be moving to the 3 yr old room. They are moving him a little early (he just turned 2 1/2) because they tell me that he is bored and really smart and has great vocal skills. His teacher told me he has the vocal skills of what they usually see in girls not boys at this age. So they think he is ready to move up and start learning new things. Rylan knows his ABC's and can count to twenty... (we learned this when he was helping Casey put his beers in the fridge). We are very proud parents!!!

Great little boy!

This picture cracks me up!!!

Rylan is obsessed with his "nookie nookie" - that's what he calls her - it's his version of "Snookie" that Casey has nicknamed her. Yeah not sure where he came up with that one. He gives her love almost a little too much. They tell me he comes and sees her at daycare usually before and after nap time. He will find the Kleenexes and clean her nose and give her lots of kisses. Rylan is so good with all the babies in the room, he gives them kisses and hugs. They say he is their "daddy" at daycare because he is so concerned when kids get hurt and always makes sure they are okay. He is such a good boy with a soft sweet heart!!!

My little Diva

They tell me Alex is a little Diva at daycare. She is really starting to show her attitude. They have also told me they have never had a baby scream as loud as she can scream (including Rylan who probably comes in 2nd). The first time she did it at daycare I guess teachers from other rooms came running in because they thought something was seriously wrong... Nope, the lady had just put her down to make her bottle and it pissed Alex off. I see this attitude from her as well and it's usually only when she is hungry and tired. She is still not sleeping great at daycare which is causing the problem. But... I absolutely love it. I want my daughter to have a strong personality, I think it's a good thing:)


After the show... We had fun!!!
Watching the Tigers
Rylan's usual look while watching everything going on around him
This elephant is amazing!

Casey and I took Rylan to the circus for the first time (Alex stayed home with Grandpa). We had awesome seats so it was alot of fun for all of us. Rylan really enjoyed the circus and did a great job sitting through the entire thing - 2 1/2 hours.... It's amazing what they can do with the animals and I think circus people are nuts. I could never do their job and I often had to look away because it scared me so much (I really did not want to see them fall)...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Alex with her Great Grandpa
On Easter we spent the morning in Plankinton and then drove home. We had some brief family time dyeing eggs with Rylan. We then went next door to my uncle and aunts house for Easter dinner. They had an Easter Egg hunt for Rylan and of course he had alot of fun! Happy Easter!