Tuesday, September 28, 2010

33 weeks

I went to the doctor today and received great news! My fluid levels are back to normal - 18 when 20 and below is normal. I was just one of those women who carry extra fluid from 20-30 weeks. So this takes out the likelihood of having preterm labor and major complication (well hopefully)!!! She is still measuring big so I could go early but I will know more at my 36 week ultrasound. I feel huge, tired, uncomfortable and not sleeping as well. I now understand why you are not able to travel after 32 weeks - it was exhausting! California was great other then the allergies or cold I developed while I was there. So only 50 days left until this little girl will enter our life, such little time and so much to do!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple Orchard

We went to the Apple Orchard last Sunday. It was a great time. We met our friends out there who have a son named Reid. Rylan and Reid are so much alike and always play really well together. Rylan rode his first pony of which he really liked. There was a train ride but he freaked out at last minute and didn't want to ride it. Rylan also had a field trip to the Apple Orchard the following day with his school. They took a tractor ride and were able to pick their own apples which Rylan really enjoyed.

Monday, September 20, 2010

32 weeks

I had another ultrasound this morning and the doctors seem less concerned then 3 weeks ago. My fluid levels are considered higher then normal but not "high" and it did not increase so that's great. She is still measuring 11 days big so they want to continue measuring her size so she doesn't get too big and I can't deliver her. I will have another ultrasound in 4 weeks and will hopefully be my last one. I think from there they could maybe decide to induce me a week or two early. I just want her to come in November, no sooner and not too close to Rylan's birthday.

She has also flipped - no longer breech!!!! I couldn't be happier about that. I do not want a c-section, it was so easy the first time.

We still have not decided on a name for her, Casey and I have the hardest time agreeing. I honestly think he is impossible - he should just let me name my first daughter what I want:) HAHA.... I wish!

I'm heading to California this weekend for a wedding and Casey is off to Minnesota for a different wedding. I'm really excited about my last trip before my life changes even more! But after this weekend I won't be traveling again. I do not want to get too far from my doctor (nor my bed)!!! So let's hope the high altitude doesn't put me into labor!