Friday, October 28, 2011

September 2011

Oh what a month we had - 2 huge milestones. I'll start with Rylan... He is potty trained!!! There is nothing better then no more diapers and a kid who goes to the bathroom on the toilet and wow does it make your kid feel grown up! It was a Saturday and I put normal underwear on him as we were staying at home and hoping he would realize underwear are way more comfortable then those diapers! Well that morning he just starting using the toilet and has not turned back. He is 100% potty trained - when he was ready he was ready. My goal was to have him potty trained by 3 years old and since he turns 3 next week - we reached that goal... And I did not have to do a thing, it's very true that when kids are ready they will just do it. We are super proud of you Rylan!

Our other milestone was Alex started walking!!! She had been working on this for a month or so... She started taking 3 steps (which happened at daycare first) and eventually would get up to 10-12 steps. She kept this up for a few weeks when then she finally got it and gave up crawling. Alex was exactly 10 months old when she started walking. She is one determined little girl who wants to keep up with her brother...