Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saturday of Easter Weekend

Ready to look for their Easter Eggs

On Saturday we went to Plankinton to Casey's parents house. We had Easter lunch and the kids had an Easter Egg hunt. Mya and Rylan had a great time looking for their eggs. This is the first year the kids really understand holidays, it's been so much fun.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friday Night of Easter Weekend

Kisses from Rylan
Look at that smile!

Going down the big slide with dad
Rylan and Mya
Check out his face!
Skinny dude

Friday night we went to Mitchell and had a gathering with Casey's family. The kids had a lot of fun in the pool and going down the water slides. Rylan stayed up until 11:30pm - the latest he has ever been up (and yes we paid for it the next day and the next day and the next day)... Sleep is very important to this child. But anyways, we had a good time and its so fun to see how well Mya and Rylan play together. They sure have a very special bond.


Alex is an okay sleeper, she usually wakes once to twice a night. I'm ready for her to start sleeping through the night!!! We have now moved her crib out of our room and into my closet (no this isn't mean as my closet is large). She sleeps better in her own room with less noise from us. I hope she sleeps like her brother someday! Rylan has been a great sleeper since he was 7 months old. He stays in his bed all night and usually never wakes up. For what I have heard from other moms, this is a true blessing. Once she starts sleeping all night we will move them into the same room together.

Bath time

I have found it easier to take a bath with both kids at the same time. We have lots of fun in the bathtub at night. Alex sure likes to watch Rylan play. He makes her belly laugh everyday, it's pretty cute! I think she is going to have a good sense of humor. We are told over and over how she is such a smiley baby.

Sick Kiddos

The last 3 weeks have been full of sicknesses! Rylan, Alex and I all had some sort of cold/virus. Rylan first got pink eye and then Alex and I both ended up with it. We had Rylan at the doctor one week and Alex went the following week. She ended up with a double ear infection. We also checked for RSV since her cough was terrible and 3 out of 10 kids in her room at daycare were diagnosed with RSV. Thankfully the test came back negative and she sure did not like that test. Alex was put on antibiotics and appeared to get better for a few days and then went downhill again. I decided to take her back to the doctor as we were heading out of town for Easter and I did not want to have a sick child out of town. The doctor looked at her ears and they were better but not great. We also had her give blood to test her white blood count and it was still high. He changed her antibiotic and she was back to normal within 2 days... We now have our happy little baby back:)


Rylan absolutely hates getting his haircut. Thankfully we are able to cut his hair at home as Casey's aunt Kris comes over and cuts it for us. We always end up holding him down and bribing him with treats. I hope this behavior ends soon!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alex 4 month pictures

I took Alex in for her 4 month pictures. Clink on the link below. Look for Nichole Cody. Password is "Cody". My favorite is #14 :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Past Weekend

We found the kids cuddling with Alex
Happy moment

Mya taking Rylan for a spin on the car..

Alex - 4 months

Alex started daycare this week. She is just over 4 months and i'm so happy to be putting her in daycare now instead of 7 weeks. THANK YOU DAD!!! She is doing well. They say she is a very happy baby and loves to smile and talk to the other kids. After the first day of daycare she came home exhausted. Alex is a light sleeper so she doesn't sleep well at daycare. I'm hoping she can adjust or I will be bringing in a CD for her to listen to like I had to with Rylan in order for him to sleep. Both my kids need white noise to sleep, I think most everyone sleeps better with it. Tomorrow Alex will be staying home, she of course caught the virus Rylan and I both have and has fevers. Oh what a joy to have 2 sick kids but thankfully i'm feeling better so it should be easier to care for them.

Guess who has pink eye

Ry went to the doctor this morning and he has pink eye for the first time. He was playing with his cousin this weekend and she poked him right in the eye. It's been getting more red everyday and also started leaking. He also has a shiner from falling. Poor kiddo