Monday, December 5, 2011

Pictures at the Park... November 1st, 2011

There is nothing more challenging then getting a good picture of your kids together!!! My friend took these pictures at the park for us - she did a great job but it's so hard to capture the kiddos together!!! We worked our butt off getting just a few good pictures. We had lots of chasing as Rylan thought that was part of it. Alex is so young she doesn't get sitting still. So this is what came of the photo session... They are okay, not great but okay!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alex's 1st Birthday

Alex loves her first baby - amazing she knew to hug it Rocking her baby on her new rocking chair
Getting help from Rylan and Mya on opening her presents
kisses from daddy....
Yummy cake!
What is that? Yes she put her hand right in the flame...
Everyone is singing to me.....

Can't keep her out of anywhere anymore!

1st Birthday outfit

Happy 1st Birthday Alex ... What a special day for us to be celebrating our first year with Alex. She is such a special girl who is so happy! We had family over on her actual birthday to celebrate this very important day. Thanks to all who came and helped us celebrate, it means so much to have you come!

I should also give my mom a huge THANK YOU!!!! My mom cleaned the entire house (scrubbed floors, cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, does our laundry), went to the store to get the food and also made all the food. I was able to just relax and spend time with Alex on her special day! I could not have done it without you mom .... You are the best!

Alex's 1st Birthday Invites

Thanks Maggie for making the invites for us - they turned out perfect:)

Rylan's 3rd Birthday

Mya - Rylan - Reid
Cop outfit to go with his cop car

Hilarious to watch these kids hit the pinata - Rylan was pretty great at it!!! I have high hopes he will be a good baseball player.

Rylan's 3rd birthday was a great success! We had it on Sunday October 30th and had many family and friends over. Rylan was pretty spoiled with lots of fun presents! We had a great time and can't thank everyone enough for coming and celebrating his special day with us!

Happy Halloween

Butterfly and Batman

Halloween was so much fun this year with Rylan really starting to understand. The weather was perfect so it made for a great night to take the kids out. We went to a different area of town where our friends live to go with them. I had a great time taking Rylan out and watching his reaction to people's costumes! There was one house we were walking up and an owner of the house was sitting on the stairs dressed up like a bear sitting really still... Well Rylan did not notice him until we got really close and the look on his face was priceless, and he instantly turned around and wanted nothing to do with the bear or getting candy from it. I cried I laughed so hard! I love Halloween... but what's really cool is that it's Rylan's birthday the following day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

September 2011

Oh what a month we had - 2 huge milestones. I'll start with Rylan... He is potty trained!!! There is nothing better then no more diapers and a kid who goes to the bathroom on the toilet and wow does it make your kid feel grown up! It was a Saturday and I put normal underwear on him as we were staying at home and hoping he would realize underwear are way more comfortable then those diapers! Well that morning he just starting using the toilet and has not turned back. He is 100% potty trained - when he was ready he was ready. My goal was to have him potty trained by 3 years old and since he turns 3 next week - we reached that goal... And I did not have to do a thing, it's very true that when kids are ready they will just do it. We are super proud of you Rylan!

Our other milestone was Alex started walking!!! She had been working on this for a month or so... She started taking 3 steps (which happened at daycare first) and eventually would get up to 10-12 steps. She kept this up for a few weeks when then she finally got it and gave up crawling. Alex was exactly 10 months old when she started walking. She is one determined little girl who wants to keep up with her brother...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alex - 9 month appointment

I can't believe Alex is already 9 months old! I took her to her 9 month appointment a few weeks ago and all is well. Here are her stats:

Height = 30 inches (99%)

Weight = 22 lb. 9 oz (95%)

Head = 18.74 inches (99%)

Weight for Length = 74%

Alex continues to be big as she was in my belly. She loves food more then her bottle, loves to climb the stairs and tries to go back down. Alex can take 3 steps without holding on to anything so anytime here she should be walking. She is very active and keeps me constantely busy, it's very hard to get things done!!! Alex always has a smile on her face, so sweet and precious! We love you tons Alex.

I went back and checked Rylans' stats at 9 months:

Height = 28 1/3 inches (55%)

Weight = 21 lbs. 7 oz (60%)


New Addition - Leela

Penelope - My cousins' childRylan and Penelope played so well together (she is one yr older) - cuddling together watching cartoons.

Great Grandpa and Leela

We have a new addition to our family - Leela. She is my cousin's baby and is the sixth great grandchild on the Jamison side of the family (5 girls and 1 boy). She is so sweet and has tons of hair!!! Her and Alex will be great playmates someday.

Rylan - 32 months

Check out my double dimples!
Rylan just had a haircutt and looked so cute so we did a little photo shoot on our deck.

Funny Rylan

This is SO Rylan!!! Loud Loud Loud.


Alex's first two teeth were her bottom two front teeth - around 7 months of age. At nine months she now has the top four as well. So six teeth total for now!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rylan - 2 1/2 yr old Pictures

We took both kids to Harolds for a free session in black and white. I was expecting Alex to do well and Rylan to not do so well as that's usually how it goes in this family. Well it was the exact opposite!!! Rylan was awesome - we have never had this many good pictures of him. Alex was there but we did not get a single picture of her. Right now she has some separation issues with me and when I put her down she freaks out. I do have to say she was teething and getting over another ear infection. Aren't these pictures of Rylan great?