Thursday, September 25, 2008

4 weeks to go...

We have started preparing for our little one to join our life. Here are some pictures of Casey putting together our car seat/stroller, swing and crib.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have reached the point that if I were to go into labor the doctors would not stop me from delivering, so great news! A full term pregnancy is considered either 37 or 38 weeks so we are almost there. I have started the weekly visits to the doctor where they test my blood pressure, protein, growth, baby's heartbeat, and weight. So far things are looking good. I have no swelling yet and the back pain has gone away, so i really can't complain, I feel great. My doctor said he would be surprised if I went early as it appears I will go till my due date or after. The longest he will let me go will be 41 weeks.

Casey and I had an all day labor class last weekend. It was actually a really great experience and I left there not nearly as terrified about giving birth. We enjoyed the learning and Casey especially enjoyed the relaxation part of the class (yes he took a small snooze)... We were able to see the rooms we will deliver and stay in and they were beautiful! So now the waiting game is on.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

32 Weeks Pregnant

Well it's about time to start the website that will keep everyone updated as we go through this exciting event in the next 7 weeks. We are anxious and nervous to welcome our first child as we know our lives will instantly change. The due dates is October 25th, which is just over 7 weeks away or 51 days. It's going to be here quick...

I traveled home to Sioux Falls, South Dakota this past weekend for two baby showers and also my 10 year high school reunion. It was great to see everyone and also have my friends and family celebrate this upcoming event that we will be blessed with. I have uploaded a few pictures so you can all see how I look at 32 weeks pregnant.

I'm feeling pretty good but it's starting to get tough. I can't imagine getting any bigger. Bending over is much more difficult. The back pain is definitely starting, but it's worth it when I feel him kick everyday:)
No name yet, so if anyone has any great ideas please let us know. Hope all is well with everyone. Love the Codys.