Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alex - 9 month appointment

I can't believe Alex is already 9 months old! I took her to her 9 month appointment a few weeks ago and all is well. Here are her stats:

Height = 30 inches (99%)

Weight = 22 lb. 9 oz (95%)

Head = 18.74 inches (99%)

Weight for Length = 74%

Alex continues to be big as she was in my belly. She loves food more then her bottle, loves to climb the stairs and tries to go back down. Alex can take 3 steps without holding on to anything so anytime here she should be walking. She is very active and keeps me constantely busy, it's very hard to get things done!!! Alex always has a smile on her face, so sweet and precious! We love you tons Alex.

I went back and checked Rylans' stats at 9 months:

Height = 28 1/3 inches (55%)

Weight = 21 lbs. 7 oz (60%)


New Addition - Leela

Penelope - My cousins' childRylan and Penelope played so well together (she is one yr older) - cuddling together watching cartoons.

Great Grandpa and Leela

We have a new addition to our family - Leela. She is my cousin's baby and is the sixth great grandchild on the Jamison side of the family (5 girls and 1 boy). She is so sweet and has tons of hair!!! Her and Alex will be great playmates someday.

Rylan - 32 months

Check out my double dimples!
Rylan just had a haircutt and looked so cute so we did a little photo shoot on our deck.

Funny Rylan

This is SO Rylan!!! Loud Loud Loud.


Alex's first two teeth were her bottom two front teeth - around 7 months of age. At nine months she now has the top four as well. So six teeth total for now!