Thursday, March 24, 2011


Rylan & Alex

Way to go Casey!!!

Casey received a promotion at work - yeah Casey! He applied for this new job back in January and will start his new job this upcoming Monday. We are so very proud of him... He has put in alot of hard work the last few years to move his way up.
Pretty cute picture of Casey and Ry!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do we look alike?

Rylan - 4 months
Alex - 4 months

Alex's 4 month

Alex is 4 months old...We had her doctors appointment today and she weighed 17lbs (95%) and was 25 in. (75%). She also received two shots in her legs and an oral shot. Alex cried pretty good, so hard to give those little one shots! Isn't she sweet... I just love hats on her. We love you Alex.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ry loves to hang out with Alex in her crib! He has really adjusted well...And when I ask him if he wants another sister or brother he says both:) Sounds good to me!

Pure Boy!

Rylan is all boy! He loves his cars, trains, balls and airplanes. See him lining up his cars in a perfect row? I wonder if that's the me in him? This kid never stops...


Rylan went sledding for the first time this winter...he LOVED it!!! Here are some pictures of Rylan with Averi (my niece). Rylan is an outdoor kid. Thankfully we have some nice small hills for him in our backyard that i'm sure he will take advantage of next year.

Roll Baby Roll...

Alex rolled over on her 16th week birthday! YEAH Alex:) She can only roll from her back to her stomach and won't stop. The second you put her down she is on her belly in seconds. She then is on her tummy for a few minutes and gets mad...So we turn her over and back to her tummy she rolls. It's hilarious and she really has it down!