Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alex's Baptism

Rylan giving Alex the sign of the cross on her forehead

Alex loved Priest Daniel

Alex was ready to go home!

The priest really got into the baptism

Kisses from Rylan

Alex with her Godparents.

We missed a few people in the picture but here was most of us.

Alex was baptized on Saturday February 26th. We first attended mass at 4pm and then her baptism was right afterwards. We were the only baptism that day which ended up being pretty special. Our priest did a great job and really made it personal. He put up chairs for Rylan and Mya to sit next to the holy water while Alex got baptized. Alex was really interested in the Priest because he talked to her, it was pretty cute! We then had everyone over for lasagna and cake. What a great great day!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Randoms...

Smiles... Such a happy baby!

Loves cookie dough

Do you think we look alike?

Rylan loves to give Alex kisses...

Wow what a difference children can be. We are enjoying Alex as a baby much more then we ever did with Rylan. As most of you know, Rylan was a very challenging baby. He cried alot and screamed like crazy. We hated traveling or going anywhere as he would cry and he could sure do it loud... Well Alex is the complete opposite. She is so easy it's unreal. Baby stage is enjoyable with her. I remember feeling with Rylan, just one more month and it will get better... Honestly wishing him to get older. With Alex it's not that way, she is growing up too fast - 3 months already. I can say that right now with two children is easier then it ever was as just Ry as a baby... Thankfully the "terrible twos" is not so terrible with Rylan.
However, I have seen Alex show her attitude. She sticks out her bottom lip and can really get upset. I think she might put up some good fights when she is older. It's sure cute though:) My dad is still here for another 5 weeks. It's been so nice having the extra help - especially in the mornings as Casey is at work really early. He makes my life alot easier... He has a special bond with Alex too which is awesome to see!
We have a big weekend - Alex gets baptized on Saturday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brookings Children Museum

The four of us traveled to Brookings yesterday to visit the Children's Museum. It was an amazing place and we enjoyed our time there (if you have children this is a great place to visit). We took alot of pictures! Sweet little Alex - 12 weeks!
Rylan was the youngest kid crawling in this play area - he went all the way to the top. He has no fear just like his daddy...What a big boy!
Grocery shopping

Splash area - Rylan's favorite

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Rylan and Great uncle Greg
Alex - 12 weeks old
Alex with her Great Grandpa and Great Uncle Matt
Rylan waiting patiently for the helicopter to be charged

Happy Valentines Day! Casey and I got engaged exactly 5 years ago... Amazing how life has really changed for us in just 5 years. We have been blessed with two amazing children that make life wonderful.